Check out our new trailer for the StL Potion Quest !

Best. Gift. Ever.

We have two different StL Treasure Hunts!

The StL Potion Quest and the Great St. Louis Treasure Hunt are two different self-guided adventures that involve solving clues, breaking codes, and exploring St. Louis through a magical lens. They make FANTASTIC, UNIQUE gifts!

Both are great for birthday parties, dates, family outings, and friend adventures – even Muggles enjoy them!

The Star Wars we all agree on and LOVE! Check out our list of 30 Faves!

Unique Designs from St. Louis Fantasy Maps:

Leia Designs
Star Wars STL Maps
Tolkien STL Maps
Hamilton – Star Wars Designs

Online-only Designs

Leia, Star Trek Discovery, Enchanted Arch, Rebel-Resist, Roger Federer, and more at our TeePublic Store!

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