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It’s Here!

Escape from Goblin Grove

  This home Escape Room will *WOW* you with spellbinding puzzles, mysterious maps, and utter hilarity. Gather your team and don your best House colors – the Goblin Grove Games have begun!

…and it makes a MAGICAL holiday gift!

Available as an instant download or physical copy – grab your copy today!


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Local Pick Up – Riviera Seafood Club


Escape the Empire is ready-to-play kit that transforms your living room into a DIY Escape Room. 

A unique and memorable way to spend time with friends and family – check out the trailer:

Excerpts of a team remote-playing “Escape the Empire”

Best. Gift. Ever.

Two different magical scavenger hunts!

The StL Potion Quest and the Great St. Louis Treasure Hunt are both self-guided adventures that involve solving clues, laughing a lot, and exploring St. Louis through a magical lens. They make unique gifts!

All locations are outdoors, so they’re great for birthday parties, dates, family outings, and holiday adventures!

Best Selling Designs from St. Louis Fantasy Maps:

Leia Designs
Star Wars STL Maps
Tolkien STL Maps
Hamilton – Star Wars Designs

Online-only Designs

Leia, Star Trek Discovery, Enchanted Arch, Rebel-Resist, Roger Federer, and more at our TeePublic Store!

Hogwarts is for Everybody!

Many of our designs are riffs on the magical world created by JK Rowling, who has continued to make harmful, bigoted, and scientifically incorrect statements about transgender and non-binary folks. St. Louis Fantasy Maps stands for inclusion, justice, and resistance against this kind of oppression. We will continue to play in this magical world, and also to speak out against this type of oppression. 

As of August 2020, we will begin donating a portion of our profits from *all* our wizarding-inspired designs and Treasure Hunts to the St. Louis Metro Trans Umbrella Group.  For more info on JK Rowling’s statements, responses from the trans and ally communities, and action information click here!

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