Deluxe Firebolt Component List

Want to take the Treasure Hunt for another spin? Let’s see which clues you need to get replaced! 

Check your clues with the Component List below. (Beware, the list is FILLED WITH SPOILERS!)

—   If you only need the clues with asterisks, choose Option #1 (“all clues intact”). We will send you these components.

—   If you need more than just those, you’ll choose Option #2 (“some or all clues missing”).  We will send you a complete set of components.



Component Name/Location

  1. ** Instruction Scroll
  2. First Set of Clues: Square Grille with Letters & Candy Store logo (Chapter 8)
  3. Crown Candy: Hogwarts Ticket &  Rune Symbols (p. 75)
  4. Union Station: Library sketch Transfiguration Book Cover (p. 67)
  5. Library: Daily Prophet & Bellatrix Wanted Poster (p. 135)
  6. Cheshire Inn:  Marauders Map with Note & Weasley Postcard (p. 225)
  7. Turtle Park Hotel/Tower Grove photo & Magnolia Puzzle Pieces (p. 311)
  8. Fat Lady (p.274)
  9. ** Gringotts Code Breaker (Chapter 3)
  10. Dumbledore Envelope –  Includes four components: Wheel Cipher, Death Eater Cipher, Runes Book, Grille Cipher (Chapter 14)
  11. ** OWL Ledger (Chapter 7)
  12. ** Victory Envelope (sign and coin) (back panel)