Potion Quest: Location #1

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We are impressed, even if Professor Snape isn’t.


Location #1 is in Tower Grove park!

  • The postcard described Eliza Hoole’s visit to Henry Shaw in 1882, when they planted a tree and a marker to remember the visit.
  • The code in the Borgin & Burke’s brochure, when broken with the Magical Alphabet poster from Dobby’s Corner, is a set of longitude and latitude coordinates: 38.6057, -90.2651

After you’ve begun your Brewing Instructions, Scroll down for more help:

  • The stone marker they planted says “Oak”

Hey Mates! I’m over in the gallery, why don’t you come join me?  Post your best Quest photos and see what other Questers have posted! I heard they even have chocolate frogs there! -RW

Before you leave this location, you might want to learn more about it! Honestly, most people hardly ever read these days! I’ve learned these things in my research:

  • The marker was mentioned in a 1959 book, “Tombs for Trees” – here’s an excerpt that talks about the marker!