Potion Quest: Location #4

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Location #4 is the Gateway Geyser!

Important! Read this before you depart for the Geyser!

Please click here and use these specific, magical directions that take you on the most scenic and direct route from Earthbound to the Geyser!

Solving the Location Clues:

  • Sybill Trelawney is fond of the mysterious, and the anagram on her Crystal Ball can be translated to a very searchable phrase: “Arch View Water”
  • The code at the bottom of the wanted poster can be broken using the Hogwarts School Schedule in Dobby’s Corner.
    • When correctly translated (https://urlzs.com/agwb), it takes you to the main website of the Gateway Geyser where you have a live view of the Arch!
    • Don’t forget to take some magical selfies with the wanted poster and tag @StLFantasyMaps!

Best Arch view ever! We hope you enjoy this location and get some great pics with your fellow Questers! Let’s see what other Questers posted! -RW

Honestly, no one even knows about this place! Here’s some more information!