Treasure Hunt Version #3: Cleansweep Clue Package


A budget-friendly version of the Hunt!

We provide the instructions and clues for you to place in your personal copy of “Chamber of Secrets”

How the Hunt Works:

     –  Our new Gallery page shows a step-by-step photo shoot of the Treasure Hunt in action!

     – Hermione can answer all your questions and give you details on the Hunt in Hermione’s FAQ here.

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Like the Cleansweep broom, this kit is a more utilitarian brand, but decent all the same!

A no-frills, affordable option for those who already have a Chamber of Secrets book, and don’t mind doing a little work before the Hunt.

You will use a Magical spell to place envelopes into certain book pages before the Hunt Begins. (Don’t worry, this won’t spoil or affect your Treasure Hunt experience!)


    • All clues, ciphers, and props needed for a complete Treasure Hunt with clear instructions to use them.


Treasure Hunt Comparison Chart

Treasure Hunt Version

What’s Included


Get this if you want…

Deluxe Firebolt

  • Decorated Hogwarts Trunk
  • A Wand (personalized to choose you!)
  • Magical Instruction Booklet
  • Charmed Treasure Hunt Book 
$129 …The most. amazing. gift. ever. for a Potter fan

…An attractive keepsake that can hold all kinds of magical things

Nimbus 2000

  • Ready-to-Go Paperback Treasure Hunt Book (includes all clues, ciphers and props needed for a magical Hunt)
$79 …A Hunt that takes no work ahead of time

… A grab-and-go activity for a Saturday family outing, first date, or weekend adventure with friends


  • Package of Clues with Instructions for placing them in your personal Chamber of Secrets book
$52 …To incorporate the hunt into your own personal Chamber of Secrets book

… A budget-friendly Hunt so you can save your money for butterbeer

…A Hunt where you do some work ahead of time placing clues



Hogwarts is for Everybody!

2023 is the last year we’ll be producing Potter-inspired content.

Until then, *ALL OF THE PROFITS* from our Magical Design section will benefit the important work of St. Louis Queer+ Support Helpline.

SQSH receives increased Helpline calls over holidays especially, so this is a great time to pick up some unique magical items while supporting an amazing organization doing life-saving work!

For more info on JK Rowling’s statements, responses from the trans and ally communities, and action information click here!

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