Refill for Deluxe Firebolt Treasure Hunt


Want to take another group of people on the Treasure Hunt?

Choose one of these Refill Packages to get everything you’ll need!

First step:  Use our handy Deluxe Component List to determine whether you need just the “written-on” clues (Option #1) or whether you need a whole package replacement (Option #2).

Muggle Note: We have charmed the Refill Kit to only work with a previously purchased version of the Deluxe Firebolt Treasure Hunt!  If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Hunt, check out the Cleansweep Clue Package!

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How it Works:

We send you a package of clues, with instructions about how to place them.  Before the Hunt, you place the clues, then Treasure Hunt away!

Additional information

Deluxe Refill Options

Deluxe Refill Option #1, Deluxe Refill Option #2

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