Treasure Hunt Version #2: Nimbus 2000 Paperback Package


Ready-to-go paperback version of the Treasure Hunt!

How the Hunt Works:

–  Our new Gallery page shows a step-by-step photo shoot of the Treasure Hunt in action!

– Hermione can answer all your questions and give you details on the Hunt in Hermione’s FAQ here.

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This is the standard version of the Treasure Hunt, not National-class like the Firebolt Deluxe package, but a very speedy performer nonetheless.


  • A paperback Chamber of Secrets book that has been charmed to include Treasure Hunt Clues!  
  • All of the clues, ciphers and props you need already embedded in the book – no work needed ahead of time

Treasure Hunt Comparison Chart

Treasure Hunt Version

What’s Included


Get this if you want…

Deluxe Firebolt

  • Decorated Hogwarts Trunk
  • A Wand (it will choose you!)
  • Magical Instruction Booklet
  • Charmed Hardcover Treasure Hunt Book (with Chamber of Secrets Charm)
$199  …The most. amazing. gift. ever. for a Potter fan

…An attractive keepsake that can hold all kinds of magical things

Nimbus 2000

  • Ready-to-Go Paperback Treasure Hunt Book (includes all clues, ciphers and props needed for a magical Hunt)
$69 …A Hunt that takes no work ahead of time

… A grab-and-go activity for a Saturday family outing, first date, or weekend adventure with friends


  • Package of Clues with Instructions for placing them in your personal Chamber of Secrets book
$49 …To incorporate the hunt into your own personal Chamber of Secrets book

… A budget-friendly Hunt so you can save your money for butterbeer

…A Hunt where you do some work ahead of time placing clues


Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in

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