The StL Potion Quest


Gather your team for a half day adventure exploring St. Louis, solving clues, and actually brewing a real potion!

Wondering how the StL Potion Quest works? Check out Hermione’s FAQ here!

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Gather a team of trusted magical people for your Quest – it’s perfect for parties, dates, and weekend adventures!

You’ll pack up your cauldron, crack open the enclosed Potions booklet, and begin solving the clues. Each set of clues leads you to a different St. Louis location, where you must identify a key potion ingredient.

As you collect your ingredients, you’ll be faced with team challenges filled with magic and delight.

The StL Potion Quest includes:

  • A Potion Booklet (our brewing instructions have been hidden inside a very familiar potions textbook!)
  • A Complete Brewing Kit (makes a great souvenir!) which includes:
    • Large Cauldron
    • Scourgify Hand Wipes (brewing potions can be messy!)
    • School Cupboard Items:
        • Pipettes
        • Flobberworm Mucous
        • Boomslang Powder
        • Meal of Mandrake
        • Billywig Sting Slime

Spend half a day with friends or family on the StL Potion Quest, exploring St. Louis and actually brewing a real potion!


Hogwarts is for Everybody!

Many of our designs are riffs on the magical world created by JK Rowling, who has continued to make harmful, bigoted, and scientifically incorrect statements about transgender and non-binary folks.

St. Louis Fantasy Maps stands for inclusion, justice, and resistance against this kind of oppression. We will continue to play in this magical world, and also to speak out against this type of oppression. 

As of August 2020, we will begin donating a portion of our profits from *all* our wizarding-inspired designs and Treasure Hunts to the St. Louis Metro Trans Umbrella Group. 

For more info on JK Rowling’s statements, responses from the trans and ally communities, and action information click here!

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