Puzzle C Hint: Fitness Tracker (1st Year) and Potions Page (7th Year)

Fitness Tracker (1st Year)

Cut out the squares at the top, and tape them onto their corresponding spaces in the Fitness tracker. This should let you trace the path of each broom (the paths are different types of dashes).

Each path runs through different words – write out what each pathway “says”.

At the end of the pathway, the broom ends at a message, which will tell you if it’s message was actually true or not.

The one reading “most helpfully true” is the true answer to the puzzle.

Seventh Year (Potions Page)

There is a message encoded in this torn out page from a discarded Potions book. A kindly old Potions teacher, famous for his love of candied pineapple, has snuck in some helpful instructions: Paragraph.Sentence.Word.(Letter)

This means that each series of numbers along the side follow that pattern. If there is a fourth number, it corresponds to a letter; if not, then use the whole word if there are only three numbers.

Break the code, and you’ll get the answer.

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