How the Hunt Works:

The Treasure Hunt is perfect activity for birthday parties, first dates, family outings, and adventuring with friends around town – even Muggles will enjoy it! 

–  Our new Gallery page shows a step-by-step photo shoot of the Treasure Hunt in action!

– Hermione can answer all your questions and give you details on the Hunt in Hermione’s FAQ here.

Different Versions, Same Hunt:

The Hunt comes in three versions: Deluxe Firebolt, Nimbus 2000, and Cleansweep, for a variety of budgets. Check our Treasure Hunt Comparison Chart if you’d like some magical guidance in choosing your Hunt!

Once you’ve decided on a package, scroll down to check out magical add-ons for Treasure Hunting supplies, souvenirs to remember your Hunt, and Refill Kits!


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Showing 1–15 of 18 results