STL Potion Quest: Main Page

This is a companion to the StL Potion Quest, and contains spoilers!  If you don’t have your copy yet, go here to learn all about it!

Beware, Muggles! Spoilers ahead!

Hello StL Potion Questers! Harry here.

I’ve hidden this page in what the Muggles call “the Internet” to help you in your Potion Quest!

Just as he did in the Great Treasure Hunt, Professor Flitwick suggests a themed playlist for your adventure!  Here are some options he sent for you:

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Quest Website Advice

On your Quest, you will look at both of the location clues and then make a guess about your next location. Then, click on the location page below to get confirmation of your guess!

The following location pages include: 1) clue answers, 2) location information from Hermione, and 3) opportunities to post your own Quest photos!

The password to enter these following pages is: POLYJUICE

Location #1

Location #2

Location #3

Location #4 (especially important to check this one for specific directions!)

Location #5

Location #6 

Final Potion Ingredient List
(For those who’d like to know the Muggle names of our ingredients! )

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