Nimbus 2000 and Cleansweep Component List

Want to take the Treasure Hunt for another spin? Let’s see which clues you need to get replaced!  

Check your clues with the Nimbus/Cleansweep Component List below. (Beware, the list is FILLED WITH SPOILERS!)

—   If you only need the clues with asterisks, choose Option #1 (“all clues intact”). We will send you these components.

—   If you need more than just those, you’ll choose Option #2 (“some or all clues missing”).  We will send you a complete set of components.




Component Name/Location


  1. ** Instruction Booklet
  2. First Set of Clues: Square Grille with Letters & Candy Store logo (Chapter 8, Square)
  3. Crown Candy: Hogwarts Ticket &  Rune Symbols (Chapter 17, Circle)
  4. Union Station: Library sketch Transfiguration Book Cover (Chapter 6, Triangle)
  5. Library: Daily Prophet & Bellatrix Wanted Poster (Chapter 12, Star)
  6. Cheshire Inn:  Marauders Map with Note & Weasley Postcard (Chapter 15, Up Arrow)
  7. Turtle Park Hotel/Tower Grove photo & Magnolia Puzzle Pieces (Chapter 2, Down Arrow)
  8. Fat Lady (Chapter 4, Happy Face)
  9. ** Gringotts Code Breaker (Chapter 3, Dollar Sign)
  10. Dumbledore Envelope Includes four components: Wheel Cipher, Death Eater Cipher, Runes Book, Grille Cipher (Chapter 14, “From the desk of…”)
  11. ** OWL Ledger (Chapter 7, “OWL Ledger”)
  12. ** Victory Envelope (sign and coin) (Chapter 5, Lightning)
  13.  Locket Envelope (Chapter 11, Sad Face)