The Great StL Treasure Hunt

To learn more, visit Hermione’s FAQ here, or “Treasure Hunting in Photos” here!

We have 3 versions of the Great StL Treasure Hunt available:

Treasure Hunt Comparison Chart

Treasure Hunt VersionWhat’s IncludedPriceGet this if you want…
Deluxe Firebolt– Decorated Hogwarts Trunk
– A Wand (personalized to choose you!)
– Magical Instruction Booklet
– Charmed Hardcover Treasure Hunt Book (with Chamber of Secrets Charm)
$199 …The most. amazing. gift. ever. for a Potter fan…An attractive keepsake that can hold all kinds of magical things
Nimbus 2000Ready-to-Go Paperback Treasure Hunt Book (includes all clues, ciphers and props needed for a magical Hunt)$69…A Hunt that takes no work ahead of time… A grab-and-go activity for a Saturday family outing, first date, or weekend adventure with friends
Cleansweep Package of Clues with Instructions for placing them in your personal Chamber of Secrets book$49…To incorporate the hunt into your own personal Chamber of Secrets book… A budget-friendly Hunt so you can save your money for butterbeer…A Hunt where you do some work ahead of time placing clues

The Story of the Treasure Hunt:

The Great St. Louis Treasure Hunt was conceived by Jenny Truax. She and her mother, Judy Williamson, charmed all the materials to create all of the different versions of the Treasure Hunt. We expect this mother-daughter collaboration to lead to more Hunts in the future!