Treasure Hunt – Final Clue

The final hiding place of the Goblin Treasure!

Here is the last puzzle sequence:

1- Following Bill Weasley’s advice, (he was upstairs at the Burrow) we fill the ledger clues into the Goblin Code Breaker:

2-We realize the Fat Lady was hiding a number sequence that corresponds to letters.

Related image


3a- In the Deluxe Firebolt Edition (Hardcover,) the Fat Lady’s messages reads: “In the Daily Prophet look behind the Arch”. So, we look behind the Arch in the Daily Prophet, and find the Goblin Treasure!

3b – In the Nimbus 2000 and Cleansweep Editions, the Fat Lady’s message reads: “Hiding in the Big Tree”, which takes us to Chapter 5- the Whomping Willow!


You’ve found the Goblin Treasure!


Post your photos of your triumph and check on others here:


Also, Harry sent along this message for you:


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