Treasure Hunt Location #1

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We are impressed, even if Professor Snape isn’t.

You guessed it, location #1 is Crown Candy!


Hey Mates! I’m over in the gallery, why don’t you come join me?  They’ve got all this WICKED stuff where you can post your photos, confirm your OWL Ledger answers, and see what other treasure hunters have posted! I heard they even have chocolate frogs there! 



Glad you’re interested in learning more. Honestly, most people hardly ever read these days! I’ve learned these things in my research:

  • Crown Candy is over 100 years old and was founded by Greek immigrants (according to Bathilda Bagshot, my favorite local historian)

  • Ron Weasley says that their coffee ice cream and pineapple orange ice cream are “wicked!”

  • The mural was painted by an arts collaborative of students and teachers called  Raw Canvas. I wonder if they are interested in joining my student group called S.P.E.W.? Do you want to join?