Treasure Hunt Location #4

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Way to go, treasure hunter!

By finding the Cheshire Inn, you are halfway to the lost Goblin treasure!

NEW! Corona Virus Pro-Tip from Harry!

I’ve gotten word that we should be avoiding indoor public spaces, so I asked the Goblins for extra help. They said there is a mirror inside the building that says, “15 Paces to the Left,” which I think will help you answer your OWL Ledger question! – HP

Post your dueling pictures at the Cheshire with Bellatrix! See what fun others have had at this stop! And most of all, get some help from Ron on the OWL Ledger! See you at the gallery!

This place reminds me of the Leaky Cauldron Inn, and maybe it even has a link to the wizarding world, who knows?  It started as a hamburger stand in 1930. It was used in the 2009 George Clooney movie “Up in the Air” and features a stuffed grizzly bear (which is a little frightening and reminds me of one of Hagrid’s creatures) a huge fireplace, (perfect for a Gryffindor establishment!) and rooms named after British authors (excellent!).

“The Medarts opened their restaurant in 1930 in a former A & W Root Beer stand.”

If you want to look for Bellatrix or get a butterbeer, check out Fox and Hounds tavern inside the lobby (opens at 3pm daily). There’s also a small, local, independent coffee shop they call “Starbucks” across the parking lot.