Treasure Hunt: Main Clue Page

This is a companion to the Great Treasure Hunt, and contains spoilers!  If you are interested in participating in the Treasure Hunt go here to learn how! 

Beware, Muggles! Spoilers ahead!


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Hello treasure hunter! Harry here.

I’ve hidden this page in what the Muggles call “the Internet” to help you in your treasure hunt! No one else will be able to find it because I used a Disillusionment Charm to hide it!

First, Professor Flitwick suggests a themed playlist for your adventure!  Here are some options he sent for you:

John Williams station on Pandora

Best of HARRY POTTER Musical Moments (90 minutes on Youtube)

Harry Potter Complete Soundtrack Playlist (174 tracks on a Youtube playlist)

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Next, if any clues slip out of your Treasure Hunt book, use the Deluxe Clue List or the Cleansweep/Nimbus 2000 Clue List to Summon them back into place. 

Now, as you’re Hunting, look at both of the clues and make a guess about your next location. Click on the Location Page below to get confirmation of your guess!

These Location Pages will help you in three ways:

  1. They will get you to your next location if you are stuck, and confirm your guess before you leave for the location
  2. Hermione has included interesting information on each location
  3.  The Gallery links will help with the OWL ledger answers

The answer to get to your first set of Location Clues:

Breaking the Code using the cipher wheel, you will get CHEIGHT, which means, chapter 8!

Location #1

Location #2

(make sure to check this link for Location 2- it has essential information!)

Location #3

Location #4

(Harry included a clue on this Location #4 page so you don’t have to go indoors, making this stop Corona Virus-risk-free!)

Location #5

Location #6

Final Clue


Once you’ve completed your Treasure Hunt, fill out our two question survey and share all your magical feedback and ideas!
Thank you!